Transparent Pricing

Treatment Plans

Metairie Podiatrist

Transparent, Upfront Pricing

At Delta Foot And Ankle, we are proud to be the first podiatry practice in the gulf south region to offer transparent, upfront prices that aren’t inflated by hefty insurance contracts. By offering effective and transparent foot care independent of insurance contracts and regulations, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll receive access to fair costs for the services you deserve. By offering direct care services to the patient, we are able to provide patients looking for valuable care regardless of coverage status. This allows us to make the best treatment decisions for you, keep your care private, and avoid any unnecessary treatment modalities. We offer straight forward pricing with no surprise bills after you leave our office!

General Exams

We start with a basic foot and ankle exam for each patient. This exam includes any X-rays if needed

  • Initial Podiatry Exam - $75

  • Follow Up Podiatry Exam - $50

Treatment Packages

We offer treatment packages based on common conditions that we treat in our podiatry clinic. These prices are all-inclusive and are the maximum out of pocket expense that you would pay. Packaging the total price for treatment based on the condition saves patients money by offering upfront pricing at the beginning of treatment. The treatment includes an evaluation, any Xrays, written prescriptions, and bracing/casting/fracture boot as needed.

  • Ingrown Toenail Removal - $275 (All-inclusive, including follow up appointment)

  • Wart Removal - $125 (+$35 for each additional wart)

  • Wound Debridement and dressings - $120

  • Suturing/Laceration Repair - $125

  • Cyst Removal/Aspiration - $120

  • Diagnostic Joint Injection - $ 100

  • Fractures - $300 (Includes X-ray & Fracture Boot)

  • Ankle Sprains - $250 (Includes X-ray & Brace)

  • Diabetic Wound Care - $350/mo (Includes Exam, X-rays, and Serial debridements)

  • Plantar Fasciitis/Heel Pain - $145 (Includes Exam, X-rays, Medical Grade Orthotic)

  • Nail Care and Callous Debridement - $ 85

Total Foot Care Membership -$45/month

It’s safe to say that dealing with insurance coverage for general foot care and nail care can cause frustration. In fact, most patients are only able to receive nail care from a podiatrist a few times per year, and often times, most of the charges related to general foot care are not covered at all. Sometimes, patients believe that their services are covered, only to receive a surprise bill weeks later after their insurance determines that their current policy doesn’t cover the services received. Our podiatrists are proud to offer something different.

Our Total Foot Care Membership includes:

  • 1 podiatry visit per month for general nail care, callous debridement, and skin care.

  • One pair of Medical Grade Orthotics per year.

  • 20% discount towards all other services

Durable Medical Equipment

We offer durable medical equipment at low prices to ensure that our patients always have access to the products that they need. In order to secure the very best prices on the market, we buy and sell medical equipment direct to avoid insurance markups.

  • Medical Grade Orthotics - $45

  • Custom Orthotics - $400

  • CAM Walker/Fracture Boot - $100

  • TRI-Lock Ankle Brace - $50

  • Compression Stockings - $35

  • Anti-Fungal Nail Polish - $35

  • Anti-fungal cream - $30

  • Urea Cream - $25

Second Opinions

Undergoing any procedure can be stressful, and we would love to discuss our opinions for your condition. The more knowledge you have about your condition, the more likely you are to make the appropriate decisions for your healthcare. We will take a look at your previous evaluation and recommendations as well as provide our own.

Second Opinion - $100

Surgical Services

At Delta, we’re strategically positioned to provide a wide range of foot and ankle surgical options in-office so you never have to go through an outside surgical center. Thanks to our in-house surgery services, we’re able to offer extremely discounted prices. Surgical options requiring anesthesia will be negotiated at a local surgery center for prices that are usually around 10-25% of the typical charged rates for the same procedure to be covered by an insurance plan. Call us for more details!